An Environment of Discovery and Exploration

In this program, children develop skills very rapidly. A routine of activities and discovery helps in the development of curiosity, creativity and imagination as toddlers begin to explore their surroundings.  Story time helps build memory and vocabulary. Music and movement, as well as indoor and outdoor play, help develop gross motor skills and body image, strength and coordination.

The children will be taught to be kind, loving, honest and forgiving in our class. They will hear Bible stories that will help them to relate to these values.

Toddlers are introduced to their first experiences with crayons, play dough and many other manipulative objects at tables just their size. This provides for the beginning of fine motor development and dexterity as well as eye-hand coordination. Through their success in development of these skills, children gain confidence in themselves. The sense of “I CAN” is carried with them throughout their toddler years and beyond. In addition to these skills, toddlers will be engaged in other learning activities such as language, math, and social learning. Your child will practice articulating, learn colors, shapes and be encouraged to interact with others by sharing.  Positive reinforcement is used at all times to encourage growth of skills as well as appropriate and cooperative behavior.

You can expect our caregivers to provide you with a record of your toddler’s daily activities at the end of each day. This “Toddler Gram” will provide you with a complete record of your little one’s day, including activities, feeding and napping schedule.