Our teachers and caregivers are highly qualified individuals who provide love, quality care and instruction in their classrooms. Each teacher tries to balance the concept of learning with fun while providing a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Within this atmosphere we will:

– Establish clear limits and expectations.
– Provide opportunity for the early education for each child.
– Present a model that demonstrations equal dignity to all children.

Lambs (Infants) Miss Betty

Betty finds it amazing to see the changes that take place during a baby’s first year of life. A child goes from depending almost totally on others to becoming more independent; from not being able to do much physically to beginning to walk; from not being able to communicate much besides crying to say their first words. It makes one realize how important sensory experiences are and what a difference parents and caregivers can make in a child’s development. Betty feels that it is a joy and a privilege to help provide care for each precious baby.

Ducklings (Toddlers) Miss Cheryl

Cheryl finds pleasure in working with you and your child during these unique years of their lives. Great patience and understanding is shown to each child. She adds to the children’s play by bringing creative arts, theme related books and a personal enthusiasm that delights the children. Each cay the children enjoy fingerplay, songs and outside play.

Cubs and Joeys (Preschool 1 and 2) Miss Beth “Cubs” – Miss Rina “Joeys”

Each teacher shows enthusiasm and love with their interaction and creativity on a daily basis. They work with on their math and writing skills as well as other creative projects. Both teachers enjoy working with this age group because of their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and explore their new environments.

Dragonflies (Pre-Kindergarten) Miss Rina

Rina enjoys challenging her class with daily activities that encourage the children to use their imagination and explore their environment. She enjoys this age group because they are so excited about learning to read, write and tell time. The art center is usually the favorite among the children. They are able to express themselves freely with different media.