Fun and Adventure

Our Summer Program is designed to:

– Encourage your child’s creative instinct.
– Help your child develop skills and interest in physical activities.
– Help your child learn to make friends easily and develop good communication techniques.
– Encourage the development of coordination and good sportsmanship through various activities, games and sports.
– Help your child have an enjoyable summer.

Our setting provides a convenient location and easy accessibility on 2.9 acres of beautiful land. Large playground areas provide play opportunities with climbing apparatus and a swing set, with lots of shade. A large open area offers place for activities such as scavenger hunts, relay races, tug of war and various sports.

We offer a schedule of field trips throughout the summer. We visit the Milford Library weekly and enjoy picnics and play at Keyes Field. We are open to parent input and suggestions for other field trips during the summer.