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Fall News

September: The new school year was off to a great start. The children had fun learning about their new class and meeting their new friends. Each class had some special activities for the children. The teacher are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and...

July News

July was another busy month with weekly trips to Keyes Field, for the three older classes. We had picnics and lots of outside fun. The week of Vacation Bible School was filled with games, crafts and lots of stories. The children came back each day excited and looked...

June Was a Busy Month

June was a very busy month. The highlight was our End of the Year Program. The Duckling’s sang songs and did fingerplays much to the delight of the parents. The Cub’s sang songs and acted out the story of “Peter the Cat”. The Joey’s did a play of No More Monkeys...

Celebrating the End of Our School Year

Every year Little Arrows celebrates the end of our school year. This year’s ceremony will be held at Light of the World Christian Church on Friday, June 14, 2019. We are looking forward to a great ceremony with lots of entertainment from the children. Parents,...

Wednesday Night at the Museum

A great time was enjoyed by children and parents at our yearly event, Wednesday Night at the Museum. The children worked very hard on several art pieces each. The art pieces were hung up throughout our center. Parents returned in the evening with the children to...